Dobrawa Rutkowska is a self-taught photographer based in Łódź, Poland. She explores various photographic techniques, among her favourite ones are long exposure and intended lens movement.

Technically, she experiments a lot with analogue and art camera lenses, which help her create unique, unpredictable outcome. Vintage equipment requires way more commitment from the photographer: more concentration and manual focusing. Dust, scratches and fuzziness around the edges are desired, as they make pictures more human and authentic. Dobrawa believes, photographs do not have to be technically sharp and sterile to convey beauty and magic.

Most of the visual effects are created optically in the camera inself rather than in the post-production process.

Dobrawa’s photographs embrace dark, blurry, nostalgic atmosphere and imprfection. She works predominantly in black and white.

In the years 2012-2022 Dobrawa Rutkowska was a member of The Association of Photographers of Łódź.